"This tune is a force reckoned with both vocally and production wise. Grace Gracie has made a strong statement as the first quarter of 2018 begins to come to a close. It says loud and clear that 2018 is going to be her year, and we are excited to see what comes next" - EDMSAUCE.com



Grace Gracie (DJ/Producer) is one of the creative residents of Dance Mansion, a Las Vegas based artist collective of DJs and Music Producers. In the nucleus of this autonomous production team she has been writing, producing and remixing electronic dance music for years, working alongside many fellow producers and songwriters. As a DJ in the Las Vegas scene she is seamlessly shifting between playing nightclubs like Jewel to opening for Aoki.   


Growing up, Grace was heavily influenced by the Dutch House movement, but by 2018 her melodic bass riffs and chord progressions evolved into a streamlined concoction of House  music with soaring vocals and occasionally borrowing chromosomes from Trap and even Future Bass.


Grace Gracie’s new single “Devil” is a refined showcase of her vision and matured artistry, featuring the smoky voice of Grace’s long time protégé “Bre”.  The record is slated for release on March 16th 2018 by Oracle Music Group.


In her private life Grace Gracie enjoys flying airplanes, martial arts training (Family tradition, as she is Gracie Jiu-Jitsu by default), and partakes in various charitable endeavors as she is an advisor to the International Anti-Poaching Organizations (to keep animals safe) in South Africa.